The project for a new mission of the Oblates of Mary to Cacine, Guinea Bissau, in the forest, was the trigger to imagine a synergy between this distant reality and the various entities involved.

In addition to finding useful material for the mission (fixing elements, lighting, etc), it was decided to enhance the thesis work of undergraduates Lumina, Polese and Mutti with the executive development and implementation, at the Scuola Edile di Lecco, of a prototype lightweight structure made of recovered skis and a textile wrap with light from above.

The yurta del Pescatore (dedicated to Gian Pietro Imperadori) is inspired by the drawing of Guido Scarabottolo (Il Pescatore – The Fisherman), become sculpture in EXPO 2015 (Cluster Islands), and that, auctioned, will serve the activities of the mission.

The yurt, form the starting structural similarities, will work as a base for the construction of mission and than transformed into a small chapel.

St. Peter, Simon’s son, was a fisherman. He laid the foundation stone of the Church; the yurt will be the first stone (the first ski) of the church in the jungle.




ACTIVITY: Collaboration to the project