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    ATelier2 was established in 1999 in Paris Faubourg St. Antoine by his founder members, Valentina Gallotti and Marco Imperadori, following a common experience in building design with dry stratified technologies, studied in depth in research.

    ATelier2: A for Architecture and T for Technologies. The aim of every project is sustainability of architecture and its technologies, like a founding ethical value. The theoretical definition of praxis and method of multi-layers dry stratified construction and high efficiency technologies develop through a large number of issues parallely with realized projects: residential buildings, schools, hospitals, wellness centers, renovations, exhibitions, urban refurbishment. The main examples are the high energy efficient residential buildings in Bergamo province: the Gold Class building in Colognola and a class A housing of 10 residential units in Stezzano, an A Class building in Torre Boldone and a class B house in Brembate di Sopra and, the most recent, the Active House in Bergamo.

    Valentina Gallotti is specialized in architectural design with industrialized technologies in hospitals, wellness, renovation and urban projects, refurbishment of existing buildings, interior design and color design study.The development and deepening of the themes of buildings environmental sustainability, in his design work, are strictly aiming to living comfort and fruition of both public and private spaces.

    Since 2013 provides support for teaching activities within the Laboratory of Design and Technological Innovation held by prof. Pietro Tagliabue at the Politecnico di Milano – Lecco Campus.

    Before the foundation of Atelier2 with Marco Imperadori, she boasts experiences of research at the IUAV in Venice in the field of building restoration (within the group led by Nicola Sinopoli) and a series of important work experiences in Paris in architectural firms devoted to sustainability and energy efficiency, like the office of Mario Cucinella, Philippe Gazeau, Vincent Brossy and above all Valode et Pistre Associés. She has worked for a long time as project leader for Ettore Zambelli firm, being involved in important projects of hospital buildings and developing a special sensitivity to both aspects of sustainability and energy efficiency and the design of color and color therapy.

    Marco Imperadori is ordinary professor of Politecnico di Milano and today carries out his teaching and research full time. Among Gallotti and Imperadori remains alive an intense intellectual exchange built in years of professional sharing and it is a mutual enrichment for their respective activities.





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