The name of this object comes from the fusion of “stele” and “steel”, the forming material.

It is the main fountain of Piancamuno square. Like a stele-menhir, it reminds the past of ancient Vallecamonica inhabitants, defines the place, becoming its fulcrum. The structure of the inclined bracket is made in corten steel, with the surface turned toward the sun and the square in pleated corrugated stainless steel on which the water, pumped on the top, flows.

The fountain Steele is the allegory of a mountain source, fresh and pure, that springs and comes back to the ground, scouring the square along its main diagonal. The effect is psychological/cooling in hot seasons while in cold seasons the fountain is not active but doesn’t loose its value: monumental, abstract, of pure shape in the space. It is a tribute to Franca Ghitti, perhaps the greatest contemporary artist of Vallecamonica, internationally known, born in Erbanno, important village of the valley, very close to the place ob birth of Marco Imperadori, whom root has always been important and keen.




ACTIVITY: Design with Max Casalini – Arcoquattro – Milano

CUSTOMER: Municipality of Piancamuno (BS)