Chairs Saya Miya 1 and 2, developed with Saya Miyazaki during her collaboration in Atelier2, are completely part of the theoretic path of materials re-use and optimization dear to Atelier2

. The two structural metallic skeletons of the chairs were existing and in good condition, while seats (in hardwood for the armchair, discard of the school ITC di Chiari, and wicker for the Ikea chair) were damaged.

Cardboard tubes from plotter paper led to the realization of two prototypes showing that nothing is thrown and everything can be recovered.

Cardboard tubes, very strong, have been cut and fixed to the structure with nylon strips using small holes in the tubes. The use of tubes and cardboard is not new in architecture and design (well-known master is Shigeru Ban) but the use of plotter tubes on damaged chairs is singular and paradigmatic of the possibility, with every kind of material, to revive objects we use.

After having used them for some months, parts the most stressed by people weight (sacral coccygeal area) are partially deformed but chairs are perfectly efficient. Any development could involve the injection of polyurethane foam in the portions most subject to pressure to avoid deformation, that in any case doesn’t affect the functionality of the chair.




ACTIVITY: Design with Saya Miyazaki