The project responds to the request for a new laminator for polyurethane sandwich panels inside the industrial site of Tioxide Europe Ltd – Huntsman inTernate (VA). The polyurethane sandwich panel then becomes the major subject of the project lending, like notes on a musical score, to give rise to variations in façade’s color. The long building of the new laminator (107m) comes alive with alternating red and various shades of gray, corresponding to individual vertical panels, side by side using the colors of the brand Huntsman.

Inserted at the main entrance to the industrial site, the new building becomes an instrument to renew the impact image of the company.

Also responding to the need to re-functioning, reorganization and expansion of existing offices, around a cloister which creates a new internal façade are organized the large open space, a conference room, representative offices and support spaces. A new added floor features spaces for social workers, gym and relaxation areas as well as new laboratories.

Workspaces are thereby made more modern, comfortable and responsive at the primary level of the company.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals

CUSTOMER: Tioxide Europe Ltd – Huntsman – Ternate (VA)