The nursery school APE TAU originates from the idea to realize something useful for a L’Aquila after the earthquake arrived on April 6th 2009. A “constructive” and positive idea after the damages caused by the earthquake, for the most young and for their mothers who can, this way, come back to a work.

A kindergarten, a nest and so the symbol is suddenly the bee (ape) and its future and pollinator joy, its capability to live in community and to organize itself. Colors are the ones of the bee: yellow and brown body, silver wings. The shape is a bee and also the San Francesco’s “Tau”, another positive symbol of peace, rebirth and union. Like the union of all those who have built this kindergarten, supplied materials and those who will make it work in the future, beyond any politic or religious faith.

APE TAU is like that, it sounds as it was said by one of the babies living in it, a sound, a geometrical drawing colored and resistant, a “beehive” of babies for the future.

APE TAU is technically formed of three covered bodies (using the concept L’Armadillo by Atelier2 / Brianza Plastica) and a technological cantilever roof leading to the main pedestrian entrance. Structure is totally dry-assembled with bearing elements in wood or galvanized steel, with inner envelope shell and façades dry stratified and hyper-insulated to gain the maximum comfort in winter and summer. All in all it is a system characterized by a rapid construction and high seismic, acoustic, thermal and fire-prevention performances.




ACTIVITY: Architectural design and project management

CUSTOMER: Comitato Asilo “APE TAU” – Mantova

DIRECTOR OF WORKS: Antonello Cucchiella – L’Aquila

STRUCTURE DESIGN: Studio di Ingegneria G.P. Imperadori – Darfo B.T. (BS)

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DESIGN: Jacopo Tortelli – Pegognaga (MN)

MECHANICAL AND PLUMBING DESIGN: Studio Termotecnico Dario Lotti – Poggibonsi (SI)