Competition for renovation of central touristic area in Boario Terme (BS)

3rd prize

The site is, before the renovation, a space without any special quality, with no reference points or landmarks, a large asphalted square without a continuous functionality giving the visitor a sense of disorientation even though some primary buildings for the city are facing on it: commercial spaces, hotels, train and bus stations and many residences. The project creates, in an urban fabric indefinite and plain, an altimetrical variation, a sort of “Acropoli” (only 1.30m referred to the road) to give the city an horizontal square (now totally missing) and a basement parking: the new square, fully accessible, can house all the activities that before took place there in a precarious way, like the market.

The peaceful monumentality of the rectangular square, a sort of “agora”, is spinned out by the green and then some architectural events (like the fountain-spring tracing the shape of an “orante camuno” figure of old prayer engraved on the rocks of the surrounding mountains, wood walls with creepers, benches boarding the square, four fountains symbolizing the four springs of Boario) give identity to the place, being signals for visual, acoustic, olfactory and tactile orientation.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals with Studio di Ingegneria G.P. Imperadori – Darfo B.T. (BS)

CUSTOMER: Municipality of Boario Terme (BS)