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The Pavilion of the United Kingdom won the International Prize – Architecture of EXPO MILANO 2015 Pavilions, promoted by IN / ARCH, REEDS, CNAPPC, Federcostruzioni and OICE with the coordination and support of PPAN. According to the jury, the Pavilion (by the artist Wolfgang Buttress and designers BDP, with the collaboration of Atelier2, built by Stage One) has been able to skillfully respond to the expectations of communicative architecture, light, innovative, not to mention the construction details and the interdisciplinary nature of professionals and skills involved.

The UK Pavilion also won the Award BIE – Architecture and Landscape Category –  Pavilions under 2000sqm for merging content, display and spatial experience.


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 The Japan Pavilion by Arch. Atsushi Kitagawara won the Award BIE – Display Category – Pavilions over 2000sqm thanks to its “harmonious combination between the representation of nature and technological innovation”.


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Out of competition, the jury of the International Prize – Architecture of EXPO MILANO 2015 Pavilions has decided to report the Cluster Pavilions, as an expression of Expo Milano 2015 urbanistically, expressively and technologically. Clusters have joint smaller and less wealthy countries, who would perhaps not otherwise have afforded to be present at EXPO.