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Construction work are going to finish for Maison Verte, an unique residential project in Bergamo, which is the first residential property in Italy to be certified Active House.

Click the link for the time-lapse of the assembly of the metalwork:

Active House is a project holistically around three key principles:

1. Comfort: an Active House has to ensure healthy living conditions, comfortable and pleasant for its residents by ensuring a considerable amount of natural light and fresh air inside. It also needs to encourage a responsible attitude towards environment.

2. Energy: an Active House has to be energy efficient, easy to manage and take all the energy it needs from renewable sources by implementing integrated systems in the building or nearby shared networks.

3. Environment: an Active House interacts positively with the environment during its whole life cycle thanks to a studied relationship with the context and the targeted use of renewable and renewable sources.

Therefore, an Active House building must always be an integration of the three key principles: Energy, Environment and Interior comfort. Only the integration of the three parameters can express the Active House ambition.