International design contest for the construction of the Olympic Village and Media Village former “General Market” area of Turin

The competition for the outline proposals of the new Olympic village and bridge, necessary for the Torino Olympics 2006, has been a tough task due to short time imposed to the competition and to the complexity of the theme which was partially a retrofit of the old concrete market arches structure and partially a new scheme of housing. The team, coordinated by Atelier2, was lead by Dubosc and Landowski from Paris with the presence of some important practitioners of Torino like Studio Cucchiarati, studio Abvs Progetti and Promet Engineering.

The design shows clearly a strong character both in the new construction (partially horizontal and with two twin towers on one side)  and in the refurbishment of the existing market which is also used on the top and connected to the big span suspended bridge. This is realized with an open tridimensional space truss and it is conceived as an inhabitated bridge with bars and rooms in order to use this technological space instead of leaving it only as a connection from the Olympic Village to the Lingotto of Renzo Piano.

The project got 6th place as overall classification and for the architectural and technical proposal 1st as amount of points.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals and coordination, in collaboration with Atelier Dubosc & Landowski – Paris, Abvs Progetti srl – Turin, Studio Cucchiarati – Turin, Promet Engineering

CUSTOMER: “Torino 2006” XX Winter Olympic Games Managing Agency in agreement with Turin City Council