Villa Mario, an holiday house in Vicobarone, lawn on Piacenza hills to give hospitality to relatives and friends. In a valuable natural landscape, laying between vineyards and forests, the building original structure was preserved by a project functional and soft, corresponding directly to customer’s attitude. The gaiety of grit floors and wall ornaments freely resurfaces from masking superposed during years. On the top floor a big mansard room opens on an astonishing panoramic view towards vineyards, the plane and further on alpine mountain range, thanks to a big new window.  The old barn has been retrofitted in order to host dinners with a splendid view on the surroundings vineyeard.




ACTIVITY: Architectural design and art direction

CUSTOMER: Private WORKS SUPERVISION : geom. A. Ponzini – Castelsangiovanni (PC)

CONTRACTOR: F.lli Cassinelli – Vicobarone (PC)