Realized in Politecnico di Milano – Bovisa Campus, it is a pilot case of construction with extremely high energy efficiency. It was opened in Milan on January 25th 2012 with the presence of Marcello Raimondi, Regione Lombardia District Councilor for Environment, Energy and Networks,  Cristina Tajani, Milano Town Councilor for Work Policies, Economic Development, University and Research, Michael K. Rasmussen, Chief Marketing Officer for VELUX Group, Giovanni Azzone, Rector of Politecnico di Milano. VELUXlab is the first NZEB – Nearly Zero Energy Building in Italy in a university campus. Promoted by Politecnico di Milano and completely sponsored by VELUX, the building is a laboratory of excellence, where searchers of Politecnico can experiment and text new technologies and materials for building energy efficiency and for the study of natural lighting and ventilation. Conceived as an experimental module, with a shape that gives ”active” answers to external climatic changes, VELUXlab will be constantly monitored to evaluate not only real energy consumptions, but also envelope thermal behavior (even dynamic in summer) to validate adopted analytical models. It has been installed a system of temperature sensors (both superficial and in wall interspace) plus some more counters to calculate the final energy consumption of the building. The whole project has deeply considered the environmental impact. Thermal insulation with wooden or synthetic root and easily recyclable, external cladding panels in recycled fiberglass, filling interspaces with crumbled polystyrene coming from grinded wastage resulting from manufacturing, external floor in reused iroko wood: these are all materials that contribute to reduce building environmental impact in its whole life cycle. The multi-layer dry stratified construction technology allows itself to disassemble and easily recycle the building in its components and to reach considerable energetic and acoustic performances. VELUXlab is a prototype for new construction buildings in future panorama of Nearly Zero Energy Building planned by European Directive 20110/31/UE starting from 2020.




ACTIVITY: Complete architectural design for restyling and energetic retrofitting, supervision of works, coordination for building site safety


STRUCTURE CONSULTANT: Studio di Ingegneria G.P. Imperadori – Darfo B.T. (BS)

CONTRACTOR: Bertolani Costruzioni