SVEVAH, which stands for Sustainable Very Efficient Volume Active House, is a housing and accommodation associated with an old farmhouse in the area of Grottaglie (TA). In close cooperation with VELUX, co-funder of the project, it wants to be an Italian case study, in Mediterranean climate, of Active House: a building concept that aims to integrate the demand for comfort, climate, energy, environment and ecology in a unique attractive, with a high architectural quality and a raised living comfort.

Energy: an energy efficient building, that integrates into the overall project a variety of energy resources (solar thermal, geothermal, hyper-insulation, thermal phasing, sun screens, chimneys of light and natural ventilation)

Indoor Climate: health and wellness, good air quality, temperature and humidity and acoustic comfort, easy to control and promoting an environmentally responsible behavior

Environment: the building has a minimal environmental impact, has a high content of recycled materials and is built with reversible technologies, such as the light-weight dry stratified one, which facilitates its recyclability at the end of its life cycle.

The new “masseria” has an L structure, creating a court that auto-protects itself towards the west and north sides, articulated around a clubhouse that holds the guardian’s house and the common spaces for the 10 rooms distributed in pairs in small semi-independent  volumes.

The plan distribution and the treatment of the outer area, with the central old olive, evoke the traditional local urban fabric, enhancing the environment through the use of dry walls in limestone rocks. Chimneys of light and natural ventilation rise above the flat roofs, featuring the architectural image of the complex.

The club-house becomes the building which the modeling focuses on.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals