The Dyria Country Resort is a real estate development project that is being built on the crest of the hill that connects Monopoli to Coversano in Cozzana, one of the most famous districts of the Murgia characterized by the presence of historic farms, stately mansions and a beautiful and mild landscape.

With the aim of promoting a quality housing, environmentally sustainable, Atelier2 was entrusted with the development of the final design of one of the 24 semi-detached villas, to be implemented as a “case study” for experimentation on the part of ‘construction company and owner of the technologies of dry construction.
The final design was developed with the goal of obtaining an energy efficient building (optimizing hygrothermalcomfort and lighting inside), but that would fit well in the local context, taking the textural materic characteristics of the local farms, looking for a perfect combination between innovation and tradition.




ACTIVITY: Final design

CUSTOMER: Gianvito Putignano Costruzioni SpA

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Studio Sibilano – Bari

STRUCTURE DESIGN: Studio di Ingegneria G.P. Imperadori – Darfo B.T. (BS)