The international workshop between Politecnico di Milano and Tokyo University (Kengo Kuma Lab) held in 2015 at the Farm Cultural Park in Favara and the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento has shown the architectural and evocative potential of poor and recycled materials.

After cleaning, from rotting reeds, a hut structure in tubular steel at the Parco Valle dei Templi in Agrigento, the structure was transported in Favara at the Farm Cultural Park and a project of wrapping was developped using plastic packages for cottage cheese (“fiscelle”).

The surprising outcome culminated with a concert and the project called “La Scala dei Milanesi ” is a tribute to both music and the famous Scala dei Turchi.




ACTIVITY: Assistance to the realization of the concept



Kazuya Katagiri – Tokyo University

Marco Imperadori – Politecnico di Milano

Salvator John Liotta – Tokyo University (Kengo Kuma Lab)

Gabriele Masera – Politecnico di Milano



Matteo Brasca, Andrea Vanossi



Piergiacomo Acerboni, Domenico Arcadi, Chiara Mariska Chiodero, Marco  Cucuzza, Daria Pantò Mancuso, Caterina Nogara, Roberto Pezzutto, Eric Pitalieri, Andrea Redaelli,  Benedetta Rota, Danilo Tomasoni, Cristiana Topo

Sion Asada, Hinako Kokuga, Yuta Nakamura