Solar Shield is an idea, a preliminary design, conceived for a private customer with a contractor (Vanoncini S.p.A.). It concerns the renovation of a residential building of 3 floors with attic typical of ‘70s and ‘80s in Milano neighborhood, in Sedriano.

The existing building is inhabited and shows problems of energy loss, thermal bridges and winter high running costs, as well as overheating and waste for summer cooling.

Strategies include improving envelope performances with thermal insulation of opaque walls and new glazing; technical services renovation according to law and improving their efficiency; realization of a new sun-shading screen allowing solar protection in summer without forbid winter picking up.

The bioclimatic starting point becomes a plastic and architectural element, allowing to re-define facades and a sort of “ephemeral skin”, transparent for winter solar rays and defensive for summer ones.

The roof is equipped with solar thermal and photovoltaic panels to add active production of electricity and hot water.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals