Ski Dome is a small temporary building for the emergency created using reclaimed skis.
It responds to the challenge of making temporary architectures for the emergency, that can be constructed quickly with waste materials or in any case at low cost, efficient also for the comfort and energy saving. Starting with elements that can be found easily (every year just in the Alps 1,500 tons of ski are disposed), you can achieve in a short space of time and without skilled labor, a structure covering 50 square meters. A team of students and professors from Université de Grenoble Alpes conceived the project. The development of the project, subject of the thesis of three students of Politecnico di Milano led by Prof. Marco Imperadori, focuses particularly on the envelope of the building, to make it a real emergency home.
The geodesic dome of the Ski Dome shows how it is possible to recycle materials still very strong despite the wear and tear, such as skis, to build lightweight, easily transportable and therefore at the same time also very solid structures. The structure of the Ski Dome consists of 180 ski. It has been mounted at the Lecco Campus, on the occasion of the conference “Architecture with reused materials”, in just over four hours by the students of Compasso Volante and disassembled in just half an hour, to be then carried again in France.




ACTIVITY: design supervision and general coordination



Marco Imperadori – Politecnico di Milano

Dominique Daudon – Université de Grenoble Alpes (Joseph Fourier)

Yannick Sieffert – Université de Grenoble Alpes (Joseph Fourier)



Elisa Mutti, Ilaria Polese, Federico Lumina – Politecnico di Milano

Amadou Diagne, Jaless Kamal, Renaud Wauthy – Université de Grenoble Alpes (Joseph Fourier)



Piergiacomo Acerboni, Domenico Arcadi, Chiara Mariska Chiodero, Marco  Cucuzza, Daria Pantò Mancuso, Caterina Nogara, Roberto Pezzutto, Eric Pitalieri, Andrea Redaelli,  Benedetta Rota, Danilo Tomasoni, Cristiana Topo