International competition for refurbishment of 8 sea-villages. Village choosen: Santa Maria Navarrese (Sardinia)

3rd prize

The sea-village of Santa Maria Navarrese is situated in a beautiful area of Sardinia East cost, in Ogliastra region. The project recognizes to the landscape, as the result of integration of natural and anthropic elements, the role of strategic resource. The architecture is grafted on weak points of the existing fabric of the city and aims to define a new identity without shake the overall structure: on the contrary enhancing it, the new architectures become an opportunity to renew and improve the functionality, to introduce a new design and contemporary image, with a careful artistic attention for the designed places. Main interventions are a building (the siren) realized in the urban void next to the small church of Santa Maria Navarrese, a diffused pergola and two buildings on East side of the harbour. Textures and inspirations are directly inspired by Maria Lai or Costantino Nivola works of art or from the rural heritage of Sardinia.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals with Arch. Monica Ruggiu

CUSTOMER: Regione Sardegna

CONSULTANTS: Francesca Zoboli e Vittorio Bruno