“Casa per tutti” – International design competition for an emergency module

The “Shell House” is a hull building with dry stratified construction method, with primary bearing structure in wood, made of one basic module of 18m2 used singly or assembled with similar ones to create more articulated spaces, in case implementable in high adding pillars, up to three stores.

It’s a light “mecano”, extremely resistant both to earthquakes and to wind, based on the use of materials and equipments of quality and easily available on the market like sandwich panels (steel – polyurethane) and standard steel profiles. The optimization of existing products usage, the study of the logistic and stockpiling till the assembly phase (with container used as accessory residential spaces) and the possible disassembly are the key points of the concept “Shell House”. The goal is a concept of basic volumes and components, evolving by the addition of spaces and functional layers as they were optional.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals

CUSTOMER: Fondazione Triennale Milano