The exhibition “Rice and architecture”, organized by the Politecnico di Milano – Lecco Campus in collaboration with Laboratorio DAGAD, is open in Milan, at the Fabbrica del Vapore, from 14 to 21 February 2015. There ere presented some emblematic buildings of the culture of rice cultivation, contributing to the debate and exchange of ideas on the role of nutrition enhanced by Expo 2015.
In particular there are exposed the project of Expo 2015 Rice Cluster, the experience of the excellence company Italpo and the results of Compasso Volante Award – Ettore Zambelli 2014, whose theme was the project of an “Energy Urban Farm” in the center of Phu Do village, in Hanoi, with the redevelopment of a portion of the village, historically site of production and processing of rice, in order to generate a core for the diffusion  of Vietnamese food culture.

The exhibition, curated by Professors Marco Imperadori and Gabriele Masera, helped by Matteo Brasca, was opened on 13 February and was attended, among others, by Matteo Gatto – Visitor Experience Director of Expo 2015 SPA, Barbara Di Prete designer of Rice Cluster – Ghigos – Monza, the architect Michele Gambolò for Mottainai, Matteo Aimini – Department of Architecture and Urban Studies – Politecnico di Milano.


February 14-21, 2015


ACTIVITY: Set-up project with Gabriele Masera