PUR-E HOUSE, Polyurethane Eco House, is a prefabricated module with polyurethane envelope which uses industrialized construction materials: design to be assembled, expandable, flexible, sustainable, a light Meccano for minimum housing (29 square meters), whose multiplication generates endless aggregative combinations.

The careful design of the interior spaces of the minimum living module and its combinations ensures functional variability that makes PUR-E HOUSE flexible and adaptable to different contexts and needs: housing, emergency, services, medical assistance, elevations, etc.

It is a structure/envelope construction with a wooden frame and an insulated and/or ventilated envelope, made of a different range of polyurethane-based insulating materials: from sandwich panels with a metallic coating to other ones covered with aluminum foil (“paper- paper”) and integrated steel profiles.

Those one are useful to realize ventilated enclosures which allow the different finishing materials assembly and ensure aesthetic variability and environmental potential insertion.

The completely dry constructive technology allows obtaining a high-performance envelope from a thermo-hygrometric and acoustic point of view. It also ensures an optimal earthquake behavior and high performance in terms of speed of assembly and disassembly, which make Pur-E House interesting both in

emergency contexts than for temporary buildings. The complete sustainability of the system is guaranteed with the production of clean energy through the installation of photovoltaic panels, the collection of rainwater in tanks for domestic use or for watering of the green and the introduction of skylights for light and natural ventilation.




ACTIVITY: Responsible for the project


Federica Brunone – Ph.D Student, M.Sc Politecnico di Milano

Vito Iovino, Cristina Savoldelli, Luca Scandella – Politecnico di Milano



Matteo Brasca - Ph.D., M.Sc., Research grant Politecnico di Milano

Roberto Francieri - Ph.D., M.Sc. e Expert fellow for the Course of design and Technological Innovation, Politecnico di Milano