Now in its 18th edition, after being hosted in 3 continents, the Compass Volante – Politecnico di Milano – FavarART’n'FOOD is hosted by the Farm Cultural Park in Favara. Students of the Politecnico di Milano and Tokyo University have presented the work of design and reuse of Palazzo Giglia and also inaugurated a series of temporary pavilions Pop Up School: Felix Helix (open air classroom), the Scala dei Milanesi (auditorium) , the Hi-Conic- (library), The Brains (reading and imagination space).
Made with Up cycling spirit, through the re-use of ethereal plastic “fiscelle”, for cottage cheese, the pavilions offer the possibility to create instant spaces for learning and for the transmission of knowledge. The event, sponsored by EXPO Milano 2015, combines the themes of education and food.

The closing evening was attended by all the protagonists: Prof. Gabriele Masera told the story of Compass Volante, Arch. Salvator-John Liotta explained the reasons and sources of inspiration that led to the realization of the Pop Up School and Yuta Nakamura brought greetings from the Faculty of Architecture of Tokyo University and the Atelier Kengo Kuma. Prof. Marco Imperadori has instead held a lesson on the theme of EXPO presenting some pavilions including those of Japan, the United Kingdom and the Cluster Islands, Sea and Food.


October 2015


ACTIVITY: Assistance to the realization of the concept



Kazuya Katagiri – Tokyo University

Marco Imperadori – Politecnico di Milano

Salvator John Liotta – Tokyo University (Kengo Kuma Lab)

Gabriele Masera – Politecnico di Milano



Matteo Brasca, Andrea Vanossi



Piergiacomo Acerboni, Domenico Arcadi, Chiara Mariska Chiodero, Marco  Cucuzza, Daria Pantò Mancuso, Caterina Nogara, Roberto Pezzutto, Eric Pitalieri, Andrea Redaelli,  Benedetta Rota, Danilo Tomasoni, Cristiana Topo

Sion Asada, Hinako Kokuga, Yuta Nakamura