The paperboard house is the result of the experience held in Agrigento at the Valle dei Templi under the aegis of UNESCO.

In fact, it was decided to study temporary structures in cardboard prestressed with steel bars and wood contrasts, plastered and weatherproof.

To do this, an experimental campaign was carried out, with Knauf Italy, which has led to select the suitable plaster, disposed on a millimeter glass fiber mesh.

The building is equipped with a canopy in fiberglass and profiles from scaffolding and formwork system (Marcegaglia Buildtech).

This kind of umbrella protects paperboard house, designed as ticket office for the temple of Demeter in Agrigento.

The building is designed, like a “millefeuille cake”, in layers of paperboard parametrically designed and then producted with a cutting plotter (Digital Cutting) at Politeca in Politecnico di Milano.

Subsequently the structure was assembled and plastered at Scuola Edile di lecco – ESPE and then dismantled and recycled by Cartiere dell’Adda.


ACTIVITY: Support to Prof. Marco Imperadori for the concept development and general coordination

With: Antonella Colistra, Pietro Giamei, Giorgio Ratti

ELABORATION AND PAPERBOARD CUTTING: Politeca – Prof. Barbara del Curto

COMPANIES INVOLVED: Knauf Italia, Marcegaglia, Ghelfi Ondulati, Cartiere dell’Adda

ASSEMBLY: ESPE – Scuola Edile di Lecco