The concept for the renovation of the existing head office of Forlani Impianti in Cornegliano Laudense, called “Pagoda”, comes from the exigency to improve building energy efficiency and to make the building more contemporary and aesthetically attractive.

The existing structure is mostly in reinforced concrete and masonry with typical problems of winter thermal loss (structure thermal bridges) and summer overheating.

The decision came for an advances thermal insulation coating (like Isotec Parete) made of polyurethane with a structural profile in aluzink able to bear a new facing in colored fiber-cement.

This way it is possible to solve every thermal bridge (above all those of the eaves), improve thermal insulation and creates the support of a light façade, ventilated, with uniform thin panels and with colors more consonant with the contemporary character of the building, which is now quite banal. The roof itself is redone with an insulated and ventilated system and with a new continuous mantle in zinc-titanium (like Zintek)  in which skylights are opened to allow ascensional natural ventilation in spring and autumn.

The whole building is now less squat, more soaring thanks to the new façade cladding, vibrating and technological, reflecting firm brand and its dynamism.

By night the building lights up, like a “Chinese pagoda” inside a park, thanks to a new LED lighting system, a technology used and pushed by Forlani Impianti, specialized in domotic and energetic control systems.




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CUSTOMER: Forlani Impianti