Crisis, from greek κρίσις, means change, mutation, evolution.

For Atelier2 2013 is an year of changes: from the HISTORICAL seat in Arcoquattro to the new reality in via Malaga, place of creativity populated by artist and designers, a cultural melting pot.

During the event MalagAtelier 2013, an artistic and cultural event with all the atelier in via Malaga open for a day, Atelier2 thought about an installation that celebrate the “change”.

crisis…chrysalis…pupa.. Passage Under Paperboard is a short journey that contains a photo gallery of 14 years of projects, travels and yards. The structure is made by tubes of cardboard for plotter’s paper and define the cocoon’s arches made by corrugated cardboard.

Photographs define a “promenade of memory” directed to the future and the mounting culminates with the oracle of Tommaso Correale Santacroce (2 life cast). So everyone have to understand the moment and the change.

For Atelier2 is a positive and necessary feat resumable in two phrases:

“the only constant thing in life is change..” Buddha

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”  Charles Darwin.


8th june 2013



Atelier2 and Paola Travini

With  Antonella Colistra, Pietro Giamei, Giorgio Ratti



Pierpaolo Avanzi,  Davide Della Croce,  Alessandra Di Maggio,  Matteo Giussani, Michael Giustra,  Matteo Lazzarotto,  Enrico Mainetti,  Matteo Pedrana, Tommaso Pieraccini,  Flavia Proverbio,  Ilaria Ronchi,  Viola Sartori,  Ilaria Urbani,  Angelica Venturi,  Giulia Zanardi