Office-box is a concept developed after a feasibility study for industrialized office to be realized in an industrial/harbour area in Livorno for the group Laviosa. The site is typically industrial and environmentally not much friendly, defined by existing sheds, by sea closeness and by typically productive infrastructures.

The idea is to work with containers module, common icon in these harbor spaces, to be composed following various geometries and sizes, that can be in case dismantled, with the objective of high energy efficiency, innovation and construction quickness.

The inspiring idea is the shape of big cargo boats shipping containers and so the concept is a fairing roof protecting modules aggregations like a sort of “big umbrella” to avoid summer overheating. The material choice is addressed towards multi-layer dry, light, hyper-insulated systems, exploiting polyurethane sandwich, with aluminum finishing and using inox or galvanized steel or treated with triplex protections to stand up to corrosion near marine environment.

The building is conceived, from systems and plants point of view, to better exploit solar gains and hydro-thermal energy coming from the sea by high energy efficient heating pumps.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals