A light recalling the shape of living creatures from the deep sea, jellyfish, octopus with long tentacles.

The design of this lighting system was created with the development of the outside exhibition space of the Cluster Sea Islands and Food for EXPO 2015, whose strong point is precisely the suspended bamboo forest: a collection of 12,000 bamboo canes hanging from a metal structure, highlighting the importance of this timber for island populations and at the same time evoking, through the sounds produced by the movements of the colliding pipes, the theme of the sounds and melodies typical of tropical islands.

The real scale model was carried out at the Laboratorio Allestimenti of Politecnico di Milano and then exposed at the Faculty of Architecture – Campus Bovisa during the Salone del Mobile 2014.

Bamboo canes, treated with boron salts to ensure greater durability outdoors, are secured by chains Genovese to a stainless steel mesh, which leaves a clear view upwards and towards the sky. To these canes is applied the lighting system, which can have varying configurations and effects, consisting of low-consumption LEDs: a flexible tube of LEDs in a circular configuration, to be laid on top of the model, fixed to the steel mesh; 2 LED fexible profiles to be fixed around the cane using  plastic strips; 1 LED fexible profile equipped with polypropylene lampshade, upper reflective; 1 LED flexible profile equipped with polypropylene lampshade, bottom reflective.




DESIGN: Atelier2

with: Flavia Proverbio, Ilaria Ronchi, Ilaria Urbani


LIGHTING SYSTEM SUPPLIER: Forlani Impianti and Luxall