A new Hospital of 600 beds. Placed in a wood of maritime cluster-pines, an horizontal volume articulated with solid and empty masses, with stairway towers marked by cuts and slits, suspended glazed paths, metal parapets, sun-shadings with aluminum adjustable strips, ventilated façade with facing in terracotta and metal sheets. Atelier2 collaborated with Arch. Ettore Zambelli for the architectural design and art direction of works and developed color design for the rubber flooring and furnishing on the basis of chromo-therapy and criteria for humanization of therapeutic spaces. The design of floors of the knidergarden has been done in collaboration with the famous artist Guido Scarabottolo and produced in rubber puzzle.




ACTIVITY: Collaboration in architectural design, art direction and building site control on Arch. Ettore Zambelli project

CUSTOMER: Azienda A.S.L. 3 – Versilia – Italy

CONTRACTOR: Impregilo S.p.A. – Sesto San Giovanni (MI)