After the collaboration and the supply of steel structure treatments for the nursery school APE TAU, Nordzinc, Italian leader for steel nanotechnological treatments Triplex, asks Atelier2 to imagine a small iconic pavilion for the steel day in Brescia, both to explain the design and construction process of APE TAU and to give prominence to special treatments used.

The pavilion, conveyable in a container, should have been visited going along the inner space, realized like a synthesis of main constructive elements: sandwich panels, painted tubular structures and simply galvanized bars.

The meaning of the project, completed with photos of APE TAU building yard, is to resume, through the matter, the constituent and technological path of steel protection, coming after a deep study of environmental impact.

Triplex system, patented by Nordzinc and used for APE TAU, is an hot dip galvanizing protection on which it is applied a nanotechnological-ceramic treatment before the powder electrostatic paint in kiln.

Every steel structure of the nursery, exposed to the inclemency of the weather, have been treated with this technology assuring a very lasting durability, as requested for public works.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals

CUSTOMER: Nordzinc