In a wing of Villa Litta in Orio Litta (LO), promoted within the exhibition Laus Expo ’08 organised by Confartgianato di Lodi, an “expository building yard” explains principles and materials of a sustainable construction aiming to energy saving as the main “alternative energy source”.

Two hut portals built with scaffold elements mark the entrances to the exhibition and symbolically illustrate its themes: earth-sustainability, air-comfort, sun-energy, water-innovation, themes reminded also in the playing area for younger visitors. Inside the course develops by subsequent steps on a floor made up with scaffold wood boards (tribute to an historical exhibition set up by Achille Castiglioni) recreating the effect of a building yard in action. Design, construction, technologies and materials show the planning and development of a building yard oriented to energy saving; technology is putted in contrast with charm and passing time effects characterising the historic location.




ACTIVITY: Architectural design and supervision of works

CUSTOMER: Confartigianato di Lodi

DOMOTIC AND LIGHT DESIGN: Forlani Impianti – Cornegliano Laudense (LO)

CONTRACTOR: associated contractors of Confartigianato di Lodi, supporters of LodiCasaFutura project

LOGO and POSTER: Guido Scarabottolo – Milano