LodiCasaFutura, living today in tomorrow’s house.

In the glamorous historical context of Villa Litta (Orio Litta – LO) it is mounted an exhibition of innovative and sustainable building products. The inspiration is Dogville by Lars Von Trier with his courses, walls and doors opening and living through actors-visitors.

A photovoltaic totem acts as entrance portal to the innovation walk, a technological route which diagonally cuts the gardens  and, contrasting with historic background of Villa Litta, leads to the future house, mounted in the west wing. The walls bright colors are the background of domotic automatisms and building products, shown as they was works of art.




ACTIVITY: Architectural design and supervision of works

DOMOTIC AND LIGHT DESIGN: Forlani Impianti – Cornegliano Laudense (LO)

CUSTOMER: Confartigianato di Lodi

CONTRACTOR: Associated contractors of Confartigianato di Lodi, supporters of LodiCasaFutura project