The exhibition, part of the calendar events Outside (from) Expo, sponsored by the Politecnico di Milano, Laboratorio DAGAD and EXPO Milano 2015, wants to present to the public the possible reuse of the structure of the cluster pavilions, built on the site of Expo Milano 2015 to house, gathered around on major issues, emerging countries.

In particular, it was considered the Cluster Islands, Sea and Food which, for its small size, was likely to become a case study.

The exhibition, held at the Laboratorio DAGAD (Fabbrica del Vapore – Milan), edited by Prof. Marco Imperadori, shows the reuse projects proposed by the students of the Politecnico di Milano, developed in the course of Design and Technological Innovation.

On the opening night it was also presented the 17th edition of Compasso Volante, international design workshop which this year will take place in collaboration with the Farm Cultural Park of Favara (AG) and will see the participation of the University of Tokyo and the Japan Women’s University.

The exhibition has been re-edited in october in the event pavilion of the Cluster Islands, Sea and Food, case study analysed in the projects presented.


June 11-26, 2015 – Laboratorio DAGAD – Fabbrica del Vapore – Milano

October 15 – EXPO Milan – Cluster Islands, Sea and Food


ACTIVITY: Set-up project with Gabriele Masera and Matteo Brasca


Piergiacomo Acerboni, Domenico Arcadi, Chiara Mariska Chiodero, Marco  Cucuzza, Daria Pantò Mancuso, Caterina Nogara, Roberto Pezzutto, Eric Pitalieri, Andrea Redaelli,  Benedetta Rota, Danilo Tomasoni, Cristiana Topo

MODELS: Piergiacomo Acerboni, Domenico Arcadi,  Marco  Cucuzza

SUPPORT TO THE EXHIBITION SET-UP: Federica Brunone, Andrea Nulli, Francesco Salvetti