Competition for the refurbishment of Piazza Libertà in Cornaredo (MI)

The uniqueness to have the city centre closed to nature, with wide pedestrian park and the wood stripe leading to the historical water source, allows to profit of the seasonal variability, where the important chromatic changes are a charming set for the “urban heart” with the “green heart” of Cornaredo, like a fusion of natural and artificial principles. The idea is to create a sort of “music installation” made of routes, rules, rest moments, rhythms of matters and “architectural notes”.

The final “composition” is given by the aggregation of different elements: paving of porphyry and  granite, pavements of colored stone dressed concrete, cylindrical stairways with a corten steel cladding, stainless steel railings, new fences, flowerbeds and benches. The architectural landmarks give identity to the place, now an urban void, between the green area and the city centre. People entering the square have to feel “vibrating” thanks to the space, to feel “changing” by the volumes and paths articulation.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals

CUSTOMER: Municipality of Cornaredo (MI)