Politecnico di Milano – Rectorate atrium

The exhibition, to remember the contribution academic, professional and of man of culture of Ettore Zambelli has been set up with emotion by Marco Imperadori, who knew him from twenty years and had the chance to collaborate with him in University and, with Atelier2 and Valentina Gallotti, in some of his important projects.

The exhibition’s thread touches the typical themes of the way of work and live of Ettore Zambelli, like his tendency to explore different fields of knowledge, from the description of human being and creativity, to technology and his works, that have made a change in technical architecture world.

The conceived exhibition path doesn’t follow an anthological progression and this allows the visitor to follow an “open scheme”, that surely would be appreciated by Ettore.


13 – 20 December 2010


ACTIVITY: Concept,  general coordination and set up consultancy, exhibition layout design