After the event held in the atrium of the Rectorate in Milano, the exhibition moves to Lecco, seat of Polo Territoriale of Politecnico di Milano where Zambelli has long been dean of Ingegneria Edile Architettura School. Considering the impoartnce of Zambelli’s work in Lecco and the synergic closeness both with Lecco Chamber of Commerce and with ANCE, the decision came to set the exhibition in the “Casa dei Costruttori”, ANCE’s headquarters, designed by Mario Botta.

The setting up, light and airy, conceived tighter with Paolo Padova and Laboratorio Allestimenti of Politecnico di Milano, takes place in architectural spaces designed by the famous Swiss architect Mario Botta.

The exhibition’s thread touches the typical themes of the way of work and live of Ettore Zambelli, like his tendency to explore different fields of knowledge “between art and science” as the title says, in a kind of mental yin-yang always fresh and dynamic

. The conceived exhibition path is an “open scheme”, that surely would be appreciated by Ettore, and the only difference from Milan is the graphic of signs and communication, more incisive and evident thanks to Graziano Salvali’s work.


May 2011


ACTIVITY: Concept, general coordination and set up consultancy