Competition for a mobile bridge carriageable, cycle and pedestrian in San Bonifacio (VR)

2nd prize

In San Bonifacio the new mobile bridge (operating also in case of dangerous floods and for this reason liftable) is an occasion to reorganize the vehicular, pedestrian and cycle transit of the village and its surroundings and a plastic-form chance.

From the architectural point of view the new bridge has a very recognizable character, non mimetic, but intentionally empathetic and qualifying, modern and light with tubular profiles truss structures and lighting elements soaring and aerodynamic, integrated with photovoltaic panels. “El Granso”, the name recalls its special shape remembering a crab, is a mobile bridge and can be set in two altimetrical configurations imposed by possible variations of Alpone river.




ACTIVITY: Outline proposals and Project Coordinators with Dr. Eng. Hubert Verheyen, Studio di Ingegneria G.P. Imperadori – Darfo B.T. (BS), Studio Marco Clozza (LC)

CUSTOMER: Municipality of San Bonifacio (VR)