Kuglegårdens in Copenhagen is a very large area made up of several buildings from the second half of the 18th century, located close to the once commercial port area, initially used as stockhouses and ammunition production and transformed several times over time. Protected by the local Heritage Department, they have been transformed into a new high-level design multi-brand showroom, with great respect for the existing structures: the new spaces develop around the fine structures made entirely of wood (pillars and large trusses) enclosed by the mighty walls perforated by large openings towards the canal.



This is the first Design Studio showroom, which brings together Italian and Danish luxury brands: B&B Italia, Maxalto, Arclinea, Flos.

DGI imagined the showroom as a creative journey involving the customer towards the definition of a personal vision of the home. Transcending the traditional storefront, it has helped build a cultural center that inspires creativity, connections and collaborations.


Valentina Gallotti mainly dealt with the architectural adaptation of the Interior Design project to the existing building (particularly delicate for the aspects relating to compliance with the existing structures and fire prevention regulations), with the design and executive part concerning the building works and relationship with local architect Lotte Valentin.


 ACTIVITY: Collaboration in the functional/experiential design, architectural adaptation of the interior design project, preliminary and executive design, assistance to the construction management for building works.

CUSTOMER: DGI for Design Holding

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, EXPERIENCE/INTERIOR DESIGN: Design Group Italia – Milan with Arch. Valentina Gallotti – Milan

LOCAL ARCHITECT AND WORK MANAGEMENT: Arch. Lotte Valentin – Copenhagen


Images courtesy: DGI