Presented in Bilbao in December 2006 and moved in Rome in July 2008, the demo-house Atika arrives also in Milan, installed near South Gate of Fiera di Milano in Rho-Pero (MI) between skyscrapers signed by Dominique Perrault and fair pavilions designed by Massimiliano Fuksas.

The experimental house, born inside an international project about sustainable buildings, keeps the same performances of energy efficiency both with hot and clod climate, thanks to an integrated solar cooling system connected to solar thermal panels Velux, reaching the A+ energetic class.

Criteria of sustainability and volume addition, on which Piano Casa 2010 is based, push today to consider Atika like a device for the extension and additional storey of existing buildings, but also for their re-design aiming the energy efficiency: some typological studies show the possibilities to apply the model-Atika seeing the volume bonus.

Atelier2 has supervised the installation of Atika in Milano-Rho international fair, giving it new life with new inner and outer finishings.




ACTIVITY: Supervision of works, art direction, coordination for building site safety (Project and Construction phases)