Designed in its architectural concept during the workshop ASA – Advanced School of Architecture, C-ASA (ASA Construction) is a modular building envelope, designed to accommodate common areas dedicated to the study, a small information office or sale.

ASA is an experimental teaching structure, intended for young talented students selected, a “mobile school” that takes place in different locations in relation to the integrated programs proposed.

For ASA Lecco 2015, the worshop proposed the design of a modular unit, used as a study area, or other functions, to be installed inside the campus of the Politecnico di Milano, working according to the principles of passive comfort, with renewable self-producted energy. The jury praised the design concepts PLAYROPE and THECUBE, which were merged into the final design C-ASA.

The design arises from the geometric shape of the cube. The bare structure in septa of X-LAM wood measures 3.35×3.35×3.35 m, in order to ensure an internal net area of ​​12.5 square meters.

The arrangement of the openings, wooden window frames with light in glass or polycarbonate, is designed to ensure a regular rhythm on the facade, where full and empty repeat equally, favoring the ergonomic optimization of the project.

The interior can be divided to accommodate different functions. The adaptability of the design idea will be demonstrated placing the module in two sites: one in Città Studi, Via Pascal, Milan will be a place dedicated to the study for 4 students; the second at the entrance of Lecco Campus will house an office open to the public.

On the northern front the building is completely closed and the facade is punctuated by the regularity of the plates in zinc-titanium (Zintek).
Other facades are articulated in a game of full and empty, with a sunscreen system in taut cables, placed according sun exposure, to ensure the refraction of light for both indoor and pertaining outside areas. The shading is also guaranteed by the cantilivered roof.

Indirect lighting of the indoor is guaranteed by the presence of a Velux flat roof window, with sunscreens and remote control.

The interior wooden fittings, fixed libraries, inspired by the design of Charlotte Perriand and echoing the concept of inhabited window by Gio Ponti, have a dual function: to serve as interior furnishing as well as anti-theft system, thanks to the optimized dimensioning of the individual cells.




ACTIVITY: Concept engineering with RiLegno


CONCEPT: Developed within ASA – Advanced School of Architecture – Politecnico di Milano, Lecco Campus


STUDENTS: Tommaso Maserati, Matilde Valagussa, Daniela Raznatovic, Stephanie Bart-Mensah, Chiara Sala, Enrico Pinto, Mohamed Hilal Ahmad, Kristina Azaric, Elena Saccaperni, Mattia Di Carlo, Reine El Kabbani, Sezer Turkmen, Sara Parrinello, Francesca De Ponte, Sirppika Muthusamy Sellvabarathe, Alessandra Pena, Clara Donati, Luigi Savio, Sahar Doustar, Tamara Akhrameeva, Yehan Wang, Alberto Giacopelli, Veronica Rigonat, Jaili Hu, Simone Marchetti, Lucrezia Maria De Capitani, Yasmin Baagil Mariyam


SCIENTIFIC COORDINATOR: Manuela Grecchi – Politecnico di Milano


Giulio Franceschini – RiLegno
Giuliana Iannaccone – Politecnico di Milano
Marco Imperadori – Politecnico di Milano
Walter Klasz – Institut fur konstruktion und gestaltung – Innsbruck
Salvator-John Liotta – University of Tokyo – Kengo Kuma LAB – CNRS Paris
Gabriele Masera – Politecnico di Milano
Barbara Piga – Politecnico di Milano
Carlo Poggi – Politecnico di Milano


TUTORS: Pierpaolo Avanzi, Francesco Pittau, Graziano Salvalai, Elena Seghezzi


Atelier2 – Gallotti e Imperadori Associati


STUDENTS INVOLVED IN THE ENGINEERING PROCESS: Federica Brunone, Andrea Nulli, Francesco Salvetti, Chiara Mariska Chiodero, Daria Mancuso, Cristiana Topo


Actis SA – Limoux – France
Alma Giorio, pavimenti in legno – Montà d’Alba (CN)
Cerlogne Pavimenti – Aosta
Ghidini SpA – Brozzo di Marcheno (BS)
Ing srl – Grassobbio (BG)
Internorm Italia srl – Gardolo (TN)
Knauf SAS – Castellina Marittima (PI)
Ri-Legno srl – Rovereto (TN)
Rothoblaas srl – Cortaccia (BZ)
Vanoncini SpA – Mapello (BG)
Velux Italia SpA – Colognola ai Colli (VR)
Zintek srl – Portomarghera (VE)