This object clearly shows logic and approach of Atelier2 urban design: solidity, simplicity and function.

It is a small drinking fountain (“abbevera” means watering) in corten steel, coming up from east perimetral wall of Piancamuno market square, named after Giuseppe Verdi, designed by Atelier2 after having won a national design competition.

It is a unique piece, realized welding corten plates 5mm thick. A stainless steel round bar has been welded on the edge, to prevent it from being dangerous and cutting.

The proximity between this small drinking fountain (serving both square users and market stalls) and the more sculptural one, dominating the main diagonal of the square, creates a dialectical relation between functionality and aesthetics, balancing and exalting themselves in the whole project of urban refurbishment realized in Piancamuno. The material used is typical of ancient but also industrial tradition of the Valley and it fits smoothly in built context demonstrating strength and durability, fundamental quality for a public work.




ACTIVITY: Design with Max Casalini – Arcoquattro – Milano

CUSTOMER: Municipality of Piancamuno (BS)