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Borboleta, that means butterfly in Portugues,  is a small infirmary of 50 square meters in Guinea Bissau. The project was conceived by Gruppo 29 Maggio, an ONG Association: a space for medical assistance for  children of a village of Farim (Guinea Bissau),  since this need of a mission of the Carmelitani Fathers.

The precise and dramatic request  was to have a closed and protected space where a lot of children,  suffering from glaucoma, could be easily treated with simple creams;  but especially a place where this children will be protected from the infection to eyes and mouth.

The small infirmary came into operation in February 2015, assembled by volunteers from the Gruppo 29 Maggio and by Todeschini workers and many children are routinely welcomed and cared for by doctors and volunteers of the mission.

Thanks to all the supporters and suppliers who have made this possible with the hope that this butterfly continues to fly higher and higher.